Because EVERYTHING is Political…

Hi I’m Tharini Rouwette, originally from Singapore but now call Australia my home. Professionally, I live at the intersection of sustainability, media, and technology. Whereas privately, I am passionate about getting more women engaged in politics. My personal experience as well as my own research shows we are desperately in need of a 101 of politics to ease more women into politics. There’s also a missed opportunity to engage with new citizens/residents as they start their lives in Australia. Because EVERYTHING’S political, it’s important that we become engaged and participate actively in the political process. Politics as we know it is still significantly white and male-dominated and so it’s critical that we add more diverse representation in government so that we have a government that works for all of us.

As an immigrant, I have an intimate understanding of what my challenges are in seeking to educate myself about Australian politics and in figuring out the appropriate avenue for meaningful participation. This is why I started the OZgirl Politics podcast to, in my own way, be that 101 of politics for women and new residents/immigrants in Australia and help them understand the pathways available to them, to become politically active in a significant way.

Please note that my show will not be used to barrack for ANY political party as I intend to provide adequate information so that my audience is armed with the knowledge to make up their own minds.

Councillors – What's up with that? OZgirl Politics

Michelle Kleinert (past Mayor of Manningham City Council, current executive officer of ALGWA – VIC and candidate for Westerfold Ward, Manningham City Council) talks to Ozgirl Politics about her experience as a seasoned councillor and mayor of Manningham and the unique challenges that women face in getting elected.
  1. Councillors – What's up with that?
  2. OZgirl Politics – Teaser

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